Irony at its finest

It’s 6 pm, two days before all of my assignments are due for the semester. I had decided to work on the last paper I would have to write for my psychology class, but when I opened the Word file, it looked unhappily blank and I felt my brain would need a bit of a warm-up before I would actually be able to write anything.

…So I decided to visit Yes, bad idea. I have a tendency to get stuck there.

Anyway, I watched this video about a hand model called The Worst Person in the World, which, you know, she probably never killed anyone or anything, but wow, she was terrible! But then an ad comes up that, at first, made me laugh, but then made me feel guilty. Boo.

You are the kind of person who squeezes every minute out of every hour out of every day.

The T Mobile G2 by HTC…. It’s as turbo-charged as you.

T Mobile? Know your audience.
Now I have a video of a cute little French girl making up a fairy tale to watch, but then I have psychology homework to do!



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3 responses to “Irony at its finest

  1. Nadine

    Hahahaha poor T-Mobile
    Now I have to try to unstick myself from blogs and Facebook and start studying 😦

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