All-time Favorite Cover Songs (Pt II)

It’s been a while since I posted my first list of cover songs, and since then I’ve heard a bunch that blow those other ones completely out of the water. In no particular order:


Obadiah Parker – Hey Ya

I love the original by Outkast, but this cover is on a whole different level. No, I can’t dance to it, but I can actually hear the amazing lyrics.


Sinead O’Connor – War

This is considerably less controversial now that we know that she was right about chronic child abuse within the priesthood. If she hadn’t torn up that picture of the pope, people would have been talking about her haunting rendition of a great Bob Marley song the next day instead of how evil that bald Irish lady was.


Ray LaMontagne – Crazy

Amazing. The original track is good, but this is just incredible.


To be continued…


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