Catching up and looking ahead

Hello again, my hypothetical readers!

After an extremely stressful past two weeks, today I suddenly realized that I have free time… and I thought to myself, oh yeah, haven’t you been meaning to write something on your blog? You’re already on WordPress every day checking out your stats; you might as well make your presence known. So, to anybody who may be reading, I say HI! I’ve noticed that my blog is getting more hits than I’ve earned (There was one day when I hit 10! OMG!), particularly the posting on niqab. I have to admit, it’s pretty gratifying to see that queries on whether or not women are forced to wear niqab are leading people here. So thanks for stopping by, and thank you both to the people who left comments and to those who didn’t. Come back anytime.

I haven’t really talked much here about who I am, or at least how I would describe the small-talk me. I’m a 20-year-old woman  living in Amman, Jordan. My dad’s Palestinian, my mom’s American, and I’m a middle child. I’m studying English Literature at a local university, but I’m also working towards a degree in Journalism. I love to read, but writing is my passion and, despite the stress it causes me, journalism fits me like a glove. I obsessively check news sites and love to get into pointless online debates with people who disagree with me on politics, religion or anything else. Actually, “love” is probably not the best word. What do you call it when you know something is bad for you and you try to stay away but, in moments of weakness, you find yourself crawling back for a fix? Oh yeah, addiction, I’m addicted to pointless online debates.

When I originally created this blog, I planned on using it to post some of the articles that I have worked on for classes throughout the last couple of years… and then I promptly forgot and started blabbering about cover songs! But now that I have remembered, I’m going to be posting a few here within a week, the first one, in honor of the return of summer, a profile on two awesome kids I met at Souk Jara last year.

Peace out ❤


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One response to “Catching up and looking ahead

  1. Well…HI!
    I thought I’d drop by after hearing your mom mention you were writing a blog. Or blogging, as it were.
    Great job! Keep it up. I’ll be back.

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